Botox - What is it and How Does it Work

Botox is FDA approved for use in treating eye muscle spasms, migraine headaches, Blepharospasm, misaligned eyes as well as other cosmetic uses

Botulinum Toxin Type A - Botox

Botulinum toxin type A is an injectable neuro-toxin that is used as a beauty treatment as well as for several other serious medical conditions

Botox Facial Treatments

While Botox facial injections are safe for the majority of folks, there are several side effects of Botox facial treatment to be aware of before undergoing the procedure

Cosmetic Botox Treatment

Cosmetic botox treatment involves the injection of a diluted form of botulism into the facial muscles, which weakens or paralyzes the muscles in specific parts of the face so that wrinkles will smooth themselves out or not form at all

Bovine Collagen Cosmetic Procedure

Bovine collagen injections are used to treat various skin conditions, such as fine lines, acne scars, and photo aging while costing less than Botox

Collagen Injection Wrinkle Treatment

Even though Botox is among the more popular forms of wrinkle treatment, if you only have small wrinkles, collagen injection maybe a better alternative especially if you are trying to use preventative treatment for wrinkles.

Botox Effects to be Aware of - Botox Injection Side Effects

While there are many positive aspects to Botox treatments, there are also several Botox injection side effects that you may not be aware of

Botox Cosmetic Surgery Alternatives

Botox alternative options include topical creams, serums and oral collagen supplements but do they actually work in improving your looks

Non Invasive Facial Cosmetic Surgery Options

There are several non invasive facial procedures available that can give you a radiant new look and may even be achieved in as little as a lunch break
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