Cellulite Mesotherapy Treatment

Discovered by Doctor Michael Pistor in 1952, mesotherapy is a type of minor surgery that can be used to treat numerous different conditions and injuries. It uses injections of vitamins, medicines and other materials to treat problems under the skin. The injections are shot into the middle layer of skin called the mesoderm. Cellulite mesotherapy treatment is one of the better-known uses.

Cellulite is the emergence of skin dimpling, which is caused by hard, lumpy fatty deposits sitting just under the skin. Excess water and non-absorbable toxins hidden in the skin cause cellulite.

The first appearance typically occurs in women between the ages of 25-35, and progressively gets worse from there. Some doctors use a cellulite scale to measure the progression of the condition.

  • Stage 0 – No appearance of cellulite, even when the skin is pinched
  • Stage 1 – The cellulite is visible when the skin is pinched
  • Stage 2 – Cellulite is visible while standing only
  • Stage 3 – The cellulite is visible when standing, lying down or sitting

Although cellulite mesotherapy treatments can help each stage of cellulite, more treatments are required for the higher levels.

Cellulite Mesotherapy Procedure

Cellulite mesotherapy treatments are clinically approved for cellulite removal whereas other methods for treating cellulite, such as a cellulite gel, a cellulite lotion or cellulite creams are not medically proven to work, and generally produce temporary results at best.

Cellulite mesotherapy is a great alternative to some other forms of anti cellulite treatment options, since it works quickly and efficiently to get rid of the fatty deposits.

Cellulite Mesotherapy is an Effective Treatment for Unsightly Cellulite

Cellulite Mesotherapy is an Effective Treatment for Unsightly Cellulite

How Does Cellulite Mesotherapy Work

Treatment sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-monthly, with each session taking approximately three quarters of an hour. The formulas are injected in specific patterns designed to eliminate cellulite in the most efficient manner possible. Usually, within ten treatments or less, the cellulite is gone, and the legs and other cellulite-plagued areas are smoother and tighter.

Using the treatment method of Mesotherapy can actually save money in the end because the treatment has been proven to work, which eliminates the need to try several different cellulite removal products that may or may not work.

Mesotherapy is the only medically proven way to eliminate cellulite and with facts like that, it is not hard to decide which method to use to get rid of cellulite for good. When faced with the unsightly and annoying appearance of lumpy skin, knowing what weapons work best to fight it is a comforting thought. If deposits of fat plague you, then consider having cellulite mesotherapy treatment to get rid of it forever.

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