Tattoo Removal by Laser Cosmetic Surgery

Back in their younger days, many folks subscribed to the culture that having a tattoo was the in thing to do. After all, everybody else had one so why not you. At the time, the tattoo artist probably asked you if you were sure of the design and where you wanted it and if you were positive that you wanted one at all. Of course you answered yes without even thinking even though it was expensive and more importantly, permanent. It was a painful process but worth it at the time. Now, a few years down the line that highly visible tattoo on your arm or face is not so attractive and you are looking into the even more painful and expensive process of laser cosmetic surgery for tattoo removal while regretting that you ever went to be inked back in your younger days.

Laser Cosmetic Surgery for Tattoo Removal Process

Laser cosmetic surgery for tattoo removal is carried out by the application of a specialized laser, which burns through several layers of skin to reach the ink layer used for the design. However, this process is not without side effects or very fast. Due to swelling of the skin, treatments must be spaced six to eight weeks and often require a number of treatments, depending on the color, size and type of ink used when the tattoo was originally created.

Some inks fade quicker than others with tattoos made up primarily of black or blue being the fastest to remove. Red is another color that will fade very quickly while green and yellow inks take the longest, hence the reason for the variation in the number of treatments required.

Does Laser Cosmetic Surgery for Tattoo Removal Work

However, even with laser tattoo removal, there is no guarantee that the tattoo will disappear completely since, with very close scrutiny of the previously tattooed area, you may still be able to see a very faint imprint of portions of the removed tattoo.

Laser surgeries for tattoo removal are not a straightforward procedure and many folks liken the process to having hot grease splattering on their skin. The red marks can last for days and there is a possibility of scarring. Many of the side effects depend on how much area is covered as well as how deep the pigmentation was etched into the skin. The tattoo may have only taken a few hours to receive but getting rid of it is a far more expensive and time-consuming endeavor.

Sometimes the mistakes of youth can come back and haunt you later in life. This is particularly true of gang tattoos with most gang members not having any say in whether they want to be inked or not. A few years down the line, when they try to leave the gang life, the tattoos are still there as reminders of their troubled past.

To this end many organizations and plastic surgeons are volunteering their time and money to help former gang members get free of their past. Tattoo removal by laser cosmetic surgery can help them forget about the daily reminders of what gang life was about.

Updated: 08/05/2016 — 01:51
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