Liposuction for Men Love Handles

Liposuction has become a popular procedure among many demographics, including men. Most men seek liposuction to rid themselves of unsightly love handles. Liposuction for men love handles has become the most popular cosmetic procedure amongst American males and represents fifteen percent of all liposuction surgeries performed. Getting rid of love handles continues to grow in popularity.

The term Love Handles refers to an accumulation of fat at or just below the waist. This area is the most resistant to diet and exercise, and although exercise can build the musculature underneath the love handles area, it cannot eliminate them.

Male patients find that love handles can be easily treated with liposuction, and the results are long lasting. If significant weight gain does not occur after the liposuction surgery, the results will be permanent.

Liposuction for Men Love Handles Procedure

This liposuction procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis as an office procedure. Liposuction on love handles can only be done with local anesthetic. Most male patients recover quickly from this surgery, and are usually able to walk immediately afterward. Patients are also able to work within three days of having the procedure performed.

The reasons for male liposuction are usually the same as for females with the majority of men, like women, wanting to get rid of this area that will not respond to exercise and diet.

Male patients also find that having love handles removed gives their body a smoother look.

Liposuction for Men Love Handles Cost

Although lipoosuction for men love handles  is a popular procedure, it is also expensive.

Generally, abdominal liposuction for men is more expensive than for females, but there are many reasons for the higher cost. First, male body fat is more fibrous and harder to break up, so the liposuction procedure will take much longer. Secondly, men are bigger than women, so large volumes of fat must be removed in order for the same change in the body’s contour to occur. Finally, the love handles area is the most fibrous area of the body, and the tough fat is hard to remove.

Liposuction for men is performed the same was for women. A physical examination, that includes a blood test, is done before the procedure. Tiny incisions are made underneath the skin and a suction pump is connected to the cannula, which is used to break up and suck out the fat from the love handles area.

This liposuction procedure usually lasts for several hours, and patients are provided with a supportive garment to wear after the surgery. Although, this area remains swollen after the surgery, patients will be able to see the effect of the surgery after several weeks.

Male patients are subject to an initial consultation before having the love handles removed. Although this liposuction procedure can be beneficial, it is the doctor’s duty to do what is best for their patients.

Liposuction for men love handles is usually best for physically fit male patients that are not overweight. Patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight will find that having the love handles removed will only add to the weight loss.

This liposuction procedure has become the most popular among men, because the fat in the love handles area is usually more prevalent in males. There are not many ways to get rid of this problem area, so many men feel that the liposuction procedure is their best bet. Although men are typically discouraged to pursue the liposuction procedure, using it to rid themselves of love handles can be quick, and nearly painless.

Liposuction for men love handles is a popular procedure that has helped many men redefine their body image, and it will likely grow in popularity over time.

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