Back Fat Liposuction to Get Rid of Bra Fat

If you are concerned about back fat, you may want to consider a little liposuction. Back fat liposuction of the female back can produce very dramatic results. The fat on the back can be subdivided into many important areas.

  • The Infra-scapular fat or female flank, which is located above the waist and below the shoulder blades, is the fat that usually bulges just below the bra strap.
  • The posterior auxiliary fat is located on the upper-outer back near the armpit, and the posterior waist fat is located on the above and posterior to the hips.
  • The lumbo-sacral fat pad is located in mid-line of the lower back, just above the tailbone, and the buffalo hump is the fat that is located on the upper back near the neck.

Each of these areas can be treated and reduced using back fat liposuction.

Back Fat Liposuction for Bra Fat

The infra-scapular back is the area on the back just below the bra. When a woman is wearing a tight bra, this area tends to bulge and be more prominent due to the single subcutaneous layer of fat without a well-defined deeper fat compartment. It can be an inherited tendency for women to collect fat in this area. So much fat can accumulate that the skin and subcutaneous tissue can bunch up forming parallel rolls of fat, which is caused by increasing degrees of obesity.

Tumescent liposuction with microcannulas will remove this troublesome “bra-fat” and can provide a dramatic improvement to this area.

The fat on this area of the body seems to contain more fibrous tissue than the fat in other areas and therefore makes lipo of bra fat a challenge. This tissue is nearly impossible to penetrate with large cannulas, and therefore the use of microcannulas is necessary.

The advantages are a rapid recovery, which has the patient usually returning to work and normal activity within two to three days after surgery. In addition, there are virtually no scars and minimal risks of postoperative complications.

After a patient sustains a large weight loss, the fibrous tissue remains after the fat cells have shrunk and become more fibrous than before. Treating patients, who are near their largest weight, is relatively easy. However, treating the same patient after they have lost a significant amount of weight is much more difficult. For mildly obese patients who do not have a large amount of fat, back fat liposuction can produce a significant change. However, if that patient gains back a significant amount of weight after the surgery, those benefits may be lost.

Buffalo Hump Back Fat Liposuction

Fat in the lumbo-sacral fat pads in the low back can be removed by liposuction, as well as in the buffalo hump, or fatty tissue in the mid-upper back. The posterior waist is often overlooked when liposuction on the hips is done, but is important when looking at the overall body picture.

Patients, who undergo tumescent back fat liposuction, can usually see noticeable differences almost immediately. Continued improvement, however can be seen after three weeks, after the majority of the swelling has gone down. After a period of about three months, any remaining swelling will disappear and you should be able to see the final contour.

Most patients are extremely pleased with the results of their tumescent liposuction and by continuing to eat a healthy diet and regular exercise, patients will be able to maintain their new look.

If you are considering undergoing back fat liposuction, be sure to do your research and find a good plastic surgeon that performs this procedure. You can visit the online referral service of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), which is the largest plastic surgery organization in the world.

Updated: 08/05/2016 — 01:55
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