Why Liposuction Results Vary

Liposuction is performed in order to remove excess fatty deposits from various parts of the body and is the one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. A number of small tubes called cannula are inserted into small incisions and fat cells are extracted using a sucking technique. Liposuction results vary, but provided you have reasonable expectations and consulted with your physician before your surgery, you are likely to consider the result to be well worth the effort.

The key to successful liposuction results takes place before the procedure is performed. You should choose a board certified, competent physician. After selecting a doctor, you should ask them open and honest questions so that you know what to expect and also to reassure yourself that liposuction is right procedure for you.

Liposuction Results – What to Expect

You should keep in mind that liposuction results will not necessarily be immediate. The results are usually not apparent immediately after surgery due to swelling and bruising. While liposuction is considered one of the safest cosmetic surgeries, it still takes a toll on the human body. Therefore, results may not be apparent while the body is recuperating.

The need to wear compression garments makes the results even less obvious as well. These garments are similar to support hose for the area treated and help to reduce the swelling and lend support.

Furthermore, though the fact the fat was removed will be evident, the additional wetting fluids that were injected do not drain away immediately. It usually takes several days for all fluids to completely leave your body. Until the swelling has reduced, it will be difficult to determine the exact results of the liposuction procedure.

Liposuction Results Recovery Time

Medical experts estimate that it takes anywhere from six weeks to two months for liposuction results to be noticeable. Keep in mind the recovery process is gradual. It is likely that you will need to invest in new clothes since your pre surgery wardrobe may no longer fit you appropriately.

Results may vary from patient to patient and there are no guarantees with liposuction. Some areas of the body are more difficult than others to predict results. For example, the face and ankles often result in minimal changes. Other areas, such as the arms, breasts, legs and arms, offer results that are more consistent.

Laser Liposuction Results Before and After

Laser Liposuction Results Before and After

Bear in mind all patients heal differently after liposuction which makes it next to impossible to determine how quickly results will appear or exactly what the final product will look like. How quickly liposuction results are noticeable also depends on what area of the body the procedure was done on. Typically, the neck, chin, and breasts show the fastest results.

The majority of patients completely heal after two months, and it is at this point that you should examine your body and report any complications to your doctor. Things to keep an eye out for include excessive bruising and continued swelling.

In most cases, seventy percent of swelling disappears within three weeks and by six weeks, ninety percent of the swelling has usually gone. However, research shows that some minor swelling and changes in the fat left behind underneath the area operated upon may persist for several months after liposuction. Keep in mind that the results of the procedure may not be completely revealed for up to six months or more following the procedure.

Depending on liposuction results and the overall degree of satisfaction, some patients decide to go for additional treatments to have more fatty deposits removed by the same procedure.

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