Liposuction Technique

What is Liposuction Fat Removal

Prior to liposuction fat removal being invented, unwanted body could only be removed by cutting it out with a scalpel which was none to popular amongst patients

Difference Between Wet Liposuction and Dry Liposuction

Dry liposuction is rarely used nowadays whereas there are several types of wet liposuction procedures which are defined by the amount of fluid injected into the body before the start of surgery

FDA Regulations on the Liposuction Technique

The FDA is the regulating authority for the medical equipment and drugs that are used to perform liposuction in the US, but there are several medical factors that are not covered by FDA regulations

How Much Fat Can be Removed with Large Volume Liposuction

Large volume liposuction is typically defined as the removal of more than five liters of total volume including fat, wetting solution and blood

Liposuction Surgery Incision Basics

While there are several liposuction surgery techniques the surgery incision made by the cosmetic surgeon remain constant for each method.

Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction Techniques

Two forms of ultrasound assisted liposuction techniques exist which are defined as internal and external. However both UAL methods have many complications
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