Advanced Skincare for Stretch Marks

You have just had you second child and now you are wondering how you can ever wear a bikini again. You rush past the mirror each morning just to avoid seeing those horrible purple streaks across your stomach that are thicker than your finger. You are not sure whether it is just in your genes or if your refusal to follow the doctor’s advice to apply moisturizing lotion twice daily caused these unsightly scars. One thing that is certain though and that is the fact that you are in need of some stretch mark skin care. For cases like this, there are advanced skincare techniques that may not completely remove the marks but will at least leave you feeling satisfied.

Advanced Skincare Products for Stretch Marks

There have been a few natural treatments with decent success in clinical trials. For instance, Gotu Kola Extract, as well as lotions containing natural collagen and vitamin E, are good skin care treatments for stretch marks.

Some folks have had great success with products such as Retin-A or StriVectin, while others have bottles collecting dust in their medicine cabinets. One anti stretch mark cream brand, Captiva, doles out free one month supplies of their advanced skincare product, which may be a good place to start if the cocoa butters and five dollar creams have failed you.

Carboxytherapy Advanced Skincare for Stretch Marks

Lastly, one of the more recent advanced skincare methods is called “Carboxytherapy,” which is touted by some cosmetic health care professionals as the biggest breakthrough since Botox.

This new procedure works to increase the blood flow to damaged tissues, constricting and blending the scars with the surrounding skin. This method exposes cells to injections of carbon dioxide gas just below the surface of the skin, thus triggering the body to increase oxygen circulation in the area. This treatment is also being used for dark eye circles, acne, wrinkles and cellulite.

Since this stretch marks treatment is so new, there are few clinical trials to back its efficiency, but it is certainly an advanced breakthrough to look out for in the future.

Seeking advanced skincare for stretch marks early, especially when they are still reddish-purple in color, is often the key to a speedy and effective recovery.

For women who are still pregnant, they will need to carefully select a cream or natural product that will not hurt their unborn babies. For instance, a topical like Retin-A is not an effective stretch mark solution for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Keeping your skin moisturized and your body athletic are two important factors for overall skin health too.

While you may not be able to eradicate the scars entirely, you can work them down to a barely noticeable level through one of the many advanced skincare and stretch mark repair treatments available.

Updated: 08/05/2016 — 01:51
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